roll another blunt.
I was gonna to write a good quote, but then I got high.

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darrengantz: "Oi Sherlly. You're still an idiot who's secretly a girl. Just so you know. I haven't forgotten."

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spencemichaels: "I miss you."

I miss you.

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Jackson, thank you for being there, seriously. It was nice to know she was in safe hands. 

I promised you I’d be there, I never break a promise. Can I hold the little tadpole?

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Come in! Come in!

I can’t believe how perfect she is, Jules.

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Good, good, I’m glad.

Sochi’s lovely. Opening Ceremonies are today, so I’m really excited.


I wish I could have been there, but work, y’know


Are you okay, Sherlock?

Yeah I’m perfect, as per.

How’s good old Sochi?

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I’m gonna have to ask you to step away from my squad car. And not to touch it. In fact, don’t even look at it. Just back off, thanks.


You’re no fun, Chrissy-boy

So I was driving a long and this deer jumped out into the road, my first reaction was to go ‘Oh deer’

I nearly died today.

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I have the hiccups. And every time I hiccup, Ryan freaks out. It’s getting old.. and fast. 


Poor Tadpole

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